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At CHSS, we love good news. We love to hear it, we love to share it, and, as researchers and educators, we love to make it. Even in difficult times - particularly in difficult times - good news not only remains possible, but may be more important than ever.

Fast facts

In early 2022, the college prepared a fact sheet for the college, highlighting our programs, philosophy, research initiatives, new faculty, and more. Read it here.

To accompany this college overview, we prepared a brief bio sheet of some of our incredible alumni. Learn more about them here.

Sharing our news

To share your important work, the CHSS Communications team creates a series of internal and external publications to share news about our faculty and students including:

Horizon: Our news-zine, Horizon, will now come out once a year. We would love to see your work featured in it! Do you have a story to tell? Share your news with us! Please share your stories with Melanie O'Brien at


cover of summer 2021 HorizonSummer 2021

cover of fall 2022 Horizon
Fall 2022

cover of winter/spring 2021 Horizon
Winter/Spring 2021
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CHSS Annual Reports:




cover of 2020-21 Annual Report
2020-21 Annual Report

cover of 2019-2020 annual report
2019-20 Annual Report
Annual report 2018-19 Cover
2018-19 Annual Report

​Monthly CHSS Digest
: We also publish a biweekly e-newsletter, the CHSS Digest, for all current CHSS faculty and staff. You can read past issues here.