Spending Marketing Funds

Each academic year, programs receive marketing funds to supplement recruitment efforts. It is important to note that the success of marketing endeavors is not tied to eligibility for future marketing funds. The marketing and communications team encourages program directors to try out new methods and platforms to find which best suits their audiences.

"But MarComm team," you may exclaim. "How do I spend my marketing funds? Where do I even begin?"

You're in luck, fine CHSS citizen! Our team has collaborated to create a list of resources to help you along at the start of your marketing journey. Of course, these prices are estimates, and each method may not best fit every program. Still confused? Contact a member of the marketing team to set up a program-specific meeting to discuss your program's marketing questions, challenges, and goals.

Advertising Resources


  • Flyers
    • Created in-house: 
    • Designed externally: 
      • $30/hr (varies by agency and/or individual designer) 
    • Printing:  
      • Printing for 100 copies: ~$50, depending on paper weight and coating
  • Department-specific Tablecloths for Conferences
  • In-house Video
    • Equipment: Free STAR Lab equipment rental
    • Editing Programs:  
    • Time: Dependent on the size of the project and individual experience with editing programs and cameras.
  • Mason Ads
    • Televisions in the Johnson Center run visual ads for programs and courses
  • Mason Cable Network
    • Broadcasts to on-campus residents
  • WGMU, Mason’s radio station
  • IV Estate, Mason’s student-run news outlet
  • Johnson Center poles:
    • Display signs on the poles in the Johnson Center
    • Cost for printing banners at PrintHub: $186.00 per banner
  • Lawn Signs
    • Printing from PrintHub: $24.75 for 1, price scales for higher quantities
    • Must create an event in 25Live to prevent premature removal of signage


  • Vendor-Designed Social Media Ads
    • Free Mason photo archive
    • Vendor fees: $30/hr (varies by agency and/or individual designer)
    • Ad run:
      • Set the amount you want to spend; cost-per-click varies depending on reach, saturation of the market, and other factors
    • Starting costs:
      • Facebook/Instagram: No minimum spend 
      • LinkedIn: $10 minimum spend for in-feed ads
    • Note: Ad spend must remain under $5,000 in order to be paid for directly via P-card.  
    • Suggested length of ad run: 6 weeks minimum, 12 weeks recommended
  • Banner Ad in Conference Program (costs vary)
  • Sponsored E-Newsletter (costs vary)


  • Long-Term Paid Social Media Advertising
    • Create in-house via InDesign or Canva
    • Outsourced to a vendor: $30/hr (varies by agency and/or individual designer)
      • Some vendors will provide designs as part of their contract
    • Recommended ad run: 3 to 6 months
    • Recommended spend: $1,000
  • Professional Video Production
    • Costs can range from $2-5K for smaller-scale projects, to upwards of $10-20K for more in-depth professional shoots.
  • Large-scale advertisements (such as billboards, bus placements, etc.) are likely out of budget for individual programs. Please see the marketing team for more information.