How to Cancel Your Event

Life happens, and sometimes circumstances beyond our control impact our planned events. Cancelling or postponing an event is something that, once decided, needs to be executed quickly in order to prevent confusion. In order to help, we've compiled a checklist to successfully and efficiently cancel or postpone your event:

  1. Reach a consensus if your event is to be canceled, or if it is to be postponed.
  2. Inform all VIP or primary guests first, as a courtesy. This includes, but if not limited to:
    1. Guest speakers
    2. Panel members
    3. Presenters
    4. Keynote speakers
    5. Visiting writers
  3. Notify all relevant operational parties of the change, such as the venue, photographers, film crews, staff, events management, etc.
  4. If your event is ticketed, notify all those who RSVP’d, purchased tickets, or otherwise registered for the event. Note: both the internal RSVP function and external programs (such as Eventbrite) have options to email all registered users.
  5. Immediately following the notification, update the event listing in your CHSSweb editor:
    1. If it is canceled: either include “CANCELED” in the title OR delete the event from your page.
    2. If it is postponed: either include “POSTPONED” in the title OR update the event date to reflect the new event date.
  6. Post an update on all social media channels that the event is canceled or postponed.
  7. Smile! You’ve done it!

It is important that you complete these steps as soon as possible for a canceled or postponed event, and that all steps are done within a close time frame. Best practices are to inform all attendees as quickly and efficiently as possible. During times like these, clarity and certainty is important, and we want to do our best in support of that.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Communications & Marketing team or the CHSS Web team.